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The Private Affair Band (PAB) is an incredible and versatile music ensemble, delivering a wide range of genres to keep audiences entertained and grooving.  With their dynamic and talented musicians, they offer a unique blend of R&B, funk, soul, dance, disco, Motown, and original music, making them a perfect choice for various events and occasions.


The band's ability to adjust their ensemble size, from a smaller group to a full-blown production with multiple instruments and vocalists, showcases their adaptability and commitment to creating the right atmosphere for each event.  The inclusion of professional DJ services is also a great addition, ensuring a seamless flow of music and entertainment throughout any event.


The Private Affair Band has performed at a variety of venues and events across California, including well-known locations and community events.  Their experience in performing for diverse audiences and occasions, demonstrates their professionalism and versatility.


The use of state-of-the-art sound equipment, lighting, and DJ gear, further emphasizes their dedication to providing top-notch quality in both audio and visual aspects.  This commitment in creating the perfect ambience for events is a testament to their attention to detail and desire to create memorable experiences.


Overall, the Private Affair Band's ability to bring energy, passion, and a diverse musical repertoire to any event, makes them a hot pick for those looking for a dynamic and engaging live music experience.  Whether it's a corporate event, private party, charity event, or social gathering, PAB is well-equipped to get the party started and keep the crowd entertained.    



For Bookings Call:

 (323) 776-7043​​

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The Hottest R&B, Funk, Soul And Dance Music Band 

Title: Private Affair Band


Let P.A.B. Electrify Your...



*Corporate Events

*Destination Celebrations

*Fund Raisers

*Private Parties




"Getting The Party Started"

Temecula Summer Fest


Private Affair Band

*The Hottest R&B, Funk, Soul and Dance Music Band*​

"Electrifying Your Soul Through Music"

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